Renu Lal, a Sacramento, CA. Mehndi (as it is known in India) artist, was born and raised in New Delhi, India and began practicing henna on family, friends and neighbors as a young child. Renu is a teacher by training, but her talent in Mehndi/henna has kept her occupied.

Nowadays, she is the most sought after henna artist in California. Her art is displayed by thousands of happy, satisfied clients at art and harvest festivals and Renaissance fairs. Henna parties are also a part of her busy schedule. These intimate gatherings are a way people can enjoy the mystique and ethnic allure right in their own homes. She gives Free Intuitive Readings with henna designs that are $65 and up!

Voted the “Best of Body Art” in the Sacramento News and Review, as well as “Best of Sacramento Henna Artist”, Renu does all her designs freehand and can complete practically any design that her clients would like. Her expertise is in traditional Hindu, tribal, and Celtic symbolism. Renu is well-versed in the customary Indian wedding rituals and will travel to other states to provide this personal and spiritual ritual.

“In my culture, henna conjures up images of romance and creates an aura of glamour. It is referred to as the unspoken language of women. The symbols we use in Mehndi are said to be universal, with ancient meaning and a connection to the sources of Life.  The henna stain in my designs leaves a blessing on the skin to help the wearer in the way they most need the blessing.”

You will find Renu doing henna designs at the Harvest festivals, local Renaissance fairs, the Body, Mind, and Spirit expos (BMSE), and other events throughout the country.

Miracle of Symbols

By adorning the body with the Sacred Art of Henna Symbols you connect directly to the spirits, gods, and goddesses to win their favor and appease them. The traditional message of henna is similar to PRAYER as it seeks to establish communication to forces beyond our comprehension. Different symbols enhance different parts of your life; Renu can help you identify the symbols you need to help you with any circumstance. Ask her about finding love, peace, healing, forgiveness, and strength in relationships. These sacred symbols are the unspoken language to connect with the sources of life.