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Renu Lal, a Sacramento, CA. Mehndi/Henna artist, was born and raised in New Delhi, India and began practicing henna on family, friends and neighbors as a young child. Renu is a teacher by training.

She is the most sought after henna artist in California. Her art is displayed by thousands of happy, satisfied clients at Fine Art and Wine Festivals, Harvest Festivals, Renaissance Fairs and Holistic Body Mind and Spirit Expos. Henna parties are also a part of her busy schedule. These intimate gatherings are a way people can enjoy the mystique and ethnic allure right in their own homes.

Renu was voted the “Best of Body Art” in Sacramento Magazine, as well as “Best Sacramento Henna Artist” in Sacramento News and Review. She does all her designs freehand and can complete practically any design that her clients would like.


Her expertise is in traditional Hindu, tribal, and Celtic symbolism. Renu is well-versed in the customary Indian wedding rituals, personal and spiritual henna healing and will travel across the country to provide her services. You will find Renu doing henna designs at the Fine Art and Wine Festivals,Harvest Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, the Body, Mind, and Spirit expos (BMSE), Graduation Nights, Birthday Parties, Girls Night Out, Bridal Showers and other events throughout the country.

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